Daily Hacks for Using your Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooking can definitely simplify as an ease cooking. Not only that; it is much faster, efficient, safe, and healthy as compared to other methods of cooking. Whether it be soups, stews, meat, roast, rice, grains, lentils, beans, broth, or even cakes and desserts; pressure cooker does it best and efficiently. Here are some hacks for pressure cooking which could help you in working with the cooker:

  • It is crucial that the food be cut into same sizes as uniform pieces would result in uniformly cooked food. This would allow for the same amount of time being taken by the individual pieces to cook.
  • The ingredients must be seared or browned before adding to the pressure cooker so that they could be caramelized and the flavor is enhanced. Pressure cooking uses moist heat and thereby could not brown the ingredients while they are being cooked.
  • When seasoning food in a pressure cooker, care might be taken as flavors are intensified in it. This means that only half the amount of spices and herbs be added to the pressure cooker. Moreover, salt and pepper must be added at the end according to taste.
  • It must be ensure that the pressure cooker is not filled more than two-thirds of food and half of grains, lentils, beans, rice, and other food items that foam and expand while cooking.
  • When starting cooking in a pressure cooker, begin with high heat and once pressure is reached, lower the flame to medium low or simmer. 
  • Steam or pressure could be released from the pressure cookers using either the natural release method or the quick release method. The first method involves allowing the pressure cooker to dissipate the pressure itself as it cools down. This might take half an hour maximum. The quick release method involves placing the cooker with its lid on in the sink and running cold water over its top until the entire pressure is released. This would take less than one minute.
  • For achieving the perfect results from pressure cooking, use the stop-and-go method. This involves initially cooking slow-to-cook foods like meat and then stopping using the quick-release method. Then add the faster-cooking ingredients and after pressure cooking again the food is ready.
  • You can set a timer according to the cooking time mentioned in the specific recipe. Remember that this time would be after the pressure cooker has reached and maintained pressure.
  • Generally, one cup of cooking liquid is used with recipes for pressure cooking. You must always avoid filling the pressure cooker over half way with water or any other cooking liquid.
  • When at high altitude, the cooking time must be increased slightly. As a general rule of thumb, the cooking time must be increased by five percent for each thousand feet above the 2000 foot base.
  • Once the food is cooked, remember to stir it and let it rest for three to five minutes.

Tips for Buying a Blender Online

Blenders are very useful today because of their versatile functions. It can be used for making smoothies, juice cocktails, alcoholic drinks, sauces, and pureed soups. It may be used for crushing ice and nuts. Blenders are used for health and for medical purposes as well. Modern kitchens and restaurants may not be able to run efficiently without the bender. Blenders can tremendously help you in easily mixing ingredients and preparing a large amount of drinks and dishes with immense ease. In modern times, having a immersion blender is an essential part of the kitchen which could enable in carrying out the kitchen work efficiently and saving time for other tasks.

Buying for blenders online can not only aid in finding extremely useful deals and discounts but could also save a lot of time, effort, and money. All that is required for online shopping of blenders is to type the keywords in your search engine which will direct you to various sites selling exactly what you are looking for, and that too within a fraction of time!

A number of companies out there are selling good quality blenders; you need to focus on quality while ensuring that you maximize your value for money.  Buying a blender online could enable you to look over a number of products offered by brands around the globe while checking the entire specifications that you require. All this could be done with the ease and comfort of your home and in this manner a lot of cost and time would also be saved. While buying a blender online, you should ensure that the voltage requirements meet the power capacity of your house. Buying a blender having too high a voltage could end up in messing with the electricity and meter of your house.

A key benefit of buying blenders online is that you can get hold of various websites that offer great discounts on blender and shipping costs are also quite low or even free in some cases. If you are looking for the best blender for smoothies to get in your kitchen, visit blenderreviews.io and read reviews for smoothie blenders as well. Sometimes high class blenders are available at second hand prices and hence could be quite affordable for you. This might not be possible when purchasing a blender from a shop and would even consume a lot of time.

Best Breville Food Processors of All Times

Food processors are often called the ‘workhorse’ of a kitchen since they save much of your time and energy in doing many of the food processing tasks. Instead of performing tasks like slicing vegetables, grating cheese and kneading dough by hand, you can take the assistance of a food processor and be done with everything in just a matter of seconds! Breville is one of the reputable manufacturers of food processor. Here is a list of 3 best Breville food processors.

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor, Stainless Steel

  1.      It features 8 disks and blades for specialized purposes.
  2.      Large feed tube allows the addition of whole fruits and vegetables eliminating the need to preprocess ingredients.
  3.      16 cup work bowl and a smaller 2.5 cup work bowl are made from BPA-free plastic. Two sizes of bowls allow you to choose a size depending on your processing needs.
  4.      Storage box is available to keep the attachments safe.
  5.      1200 watts motor is strong enough to knead dough.
  6.      1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer is available with the product.

Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Food Processor, Silver

  1.      12 cup work bowl made from BPA free plastic.
  2.      It is an ideal choice for grating cheese, chopping herbs and pureeing soup.
  3.      Its large feed tube makes it commercial food processor and allows you to add whole fruits and vegetables so there is no need to per-process ingredients.
  4.      Pulse option is available to add more precision to the processing task.
  5.      1000 watts strong motor can perform all processing tasks with ease.
  6.      1 year limited warranty is available with the product from the manufacturer.

How to choose your waist trainer wisely?

Waist trainers, transformed from conventional corsets used by women in the 1800s to display a slimmer waist, have become increasingly popular today primarily because of the fact that some celebrities have been using it and claimed for it to work. Waist trainer companies have claimed for it to show positive results in only a matter of weeks. Like any other product in the market, if you are looking to buy a waist trainer, you will have to do a little bit of research beforehand to decide which waist trainer suits you perfectly. For this reason you have to go through some of the best waist trainer reviews. When choosing a waist trainer there are certain factors you need to keep in mind. Here is a list of things you need to consider before placing an order for a waist trainer.


Take measurements of your natural waist. Whatever your normal waist size is, you need to order a trainer that is 4-7 inches smaller than your natural waist. However if you want a corset for back support and maintain a proper posture order one which is not more than 3 to 5 inches smaller than your natural waist.


In addition to size, material is also an important consideration when looking for the perfect waist trainer. When going through the best waist trainer reviews see what material each one offers and which one best suits you. Some of the most common fabrics used in corset designing are latex, cotton, satin and leather. Steel boned corsets are also popular in the market. The top quality waist trainers are made of latex because of its invincible compression abilities and its durability. If you are looking for something more comfortable along with its durability go for a cotton corset. If you want to wear the corset under your clothes, satin is what you are looking for. Your dress will slide perfectly over it and no one will know that you are wearing a corset underneath. Leather is for users who prefer style over comfort and is not recommended for daily waist training. Steel boned corsets provide a firm shape to the corset for maximum compression with tight lacing at the back.


Waist trainers come in different lengths. You need to first measure the length of your torso (from the lower end of your neck to the lower end of your spine) to decide whether you have a short, average or long torso. For women, a torso between 15 to 17 inches is average, below this is short and above this measurement is long.  However if you are looking for a trainer to wear during workout, do not buy a long torso as it restricts your movements.