Daily Hacks for Using your Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooking can definitely simplify as an ease cooking. Not only that; it is much faster, efficient, safe, and healthy as compared to other methods of cooking. Whether it be soups, stews, meat, roast, rice, grains, lentils, beans, broth, or even cakes and desserts; pressure cooker does it best and efficiently. Here are some hacks for pressure cooking which could help you in working with the cooker:

  • It is crucial that the food be cut into same sizes as uniform pieces would result in uniformly cooked food. This would allow for the same amount of time being taken by the individual pieces to cook.
  • The ingredients must be seared or browned before adding to the pressure cooker so that they could be caramelized and the flavor is enhanced. Pressure cooking uses moist heat and thereby could not brown the ingredients while they are being cooked.
  • When seasoning food in a pressure cooker, care might be taken as flavors are intensified in it. This means that only half the amount of spices and herbs be added to the pressure cooker. Moreover, salt and pepper must be added at the end according to taste.
  • It must be ensure that the pressure cooker is not filled more than two-thirds of food and half of grains, lentils, beans, rice, and other food items that foam and expand while cooking.
  • When starting cooking in a pressure cooker, begin with high heat and once pressure is reached, lower the flame to medium low or simmer. 
  • Steam or pressure could be released from the pressure cookers using either the natural release method or the quick release method. The first method involves allowing the pressure cooker to dissipate the pressure itself as it cools down. This might take half an hour maximum. The quick release method involves placing the cooker with its lid on in the sink and running cold water over its top until the entire pressure is released. This would take less than one minute.
  • For achieving the perfect results from pressure cooking, use the stop-and-go method. This involves initially cooking slow-to-cook foods like meat and then stopping using the quick-release method. Then add the faster-cooking ingredients and after pressure cooking again the food is ready.
  • You can set a timer according to the cooking time mentioned in the specific recipe. Remember that this time would be after the pressure cooker has reached and maintained pressure.
  • Generally, one cup of cooking liquid is used with recipes for pressure cooking. You must always avoid filling the pressure cooker over half way with water or any other cooking liquid.
  • When at high altitude, the cooking time must be increased slightly. As a general rule of thumb, the cooking time must be increased by five percent for each thousand feet above the 2000 foot base.
  • Once the food is cooked, remember to stir it and let it rest for three to five minutes.